What to Expect During Your Reading

Congratulations on deciding to get a reading with Mystic Journey. Since Mystic Journey opened, its Spiritual Readers have carried the reputation of having the highest caliber, known for accuracy, knowledge, and a wide variety of specialties.

After you’ve chosen the reader that suits you, your first reading will be a casual and private session, either in person or over the phone. The actually step-by-step method varies depending on the specialty of the reader, but you will be guided through with expertise no matter what specialties your choose. For more insight in to each modality, please check the Reader Specialties section.

Before and during a reading, it’s best to relax and focus your intention on whatever it is you wish to receive insight on. An open mind will receive more insight than a closed one, and relaxing will go a long way in helping to relieve the constraints of tension and stress. We also discourage the use of drugs prior to a reading.

Readings are often a subjective and the experience tends to differ with personal experience. So if the session is not progressing in a preferable manner, we ask that you please make it known to the reader within the first five minutes of your reading so there will be no financial or spiritual obligation. Should you not express your feelings regarding the progress of your session within the first five minutes, the base charge for the time reserved still applies, as you did, after all, book and hold/reserve the time of the reader.

If you have passed the five-minute mark and you have booked a session longer than fifteen minutes, you may opt to stop the reading at any point, and you will only be charged for the time you have taken rounded to the closest 15 minute interval.

Payment is taken after the reading when done in person. Over the phone, payment is taken via credit card prior to the reading. Readings are not recorded (though you are allowed to record the sessions if you wish), and all information related to you is kept private and secure.