Tarot & Oracle Card Reader / Intuitive Reading

Tuesday 11-4pm/ Saturday 6:15-11pm


Zulema’s unique interpretation of the tarot involves intuiting your present situation, helping you acknowledge and identify blockages, and moving you forward into your best self. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has been giving readings in both for many years.

She hails from a long line of energetically sensitive women and remembers regularly witnessing her grandmother contact the spirit world throughout her childhood. As a student of metaphysics, she is comfortable with many methods of divination and often begins her sessions using angel cards to guide the reading.

Zulema uses her natural intuitive powers and mastery of the deck to guide her clients through times of difficulty or simply to help them continue to move in a positive direction. As with all experiences in life, tarot reading does not represent a sealed fate but rather helps us make decisions with open eyes. However, through her thoughtful use of the cards, she can help you take an objective approach towards seeing the obstacles preventing you from reaching your full potential and help you break through those often self-imposed limits into true happiness and success as you move towards your higher self.

Zulema also offers off-site clearings to invite positive energy into a space – old or new – and banish negativity, including ghosts and entities.


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