Sylvie Steinbach

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Karmic Astrology / Tarot / Lenormand Oracle / Mediumship/ Clairvoyance/ Intuitive Reading

Monday 4-8pm/ Thursday 4:15-8pm/ Sunday 4:15-8pm


Using her famous Lenormand cards, mixed with Tarot, Sylvie Steinbach’s readings are uncanny, down to Earth and insightful. Her practical sessions deliver psychic input, clear information and spiritual knowledge; furthermore her predictions are meant to be verified within few weeks or months. Sylvie can also act as a medium if needed be, to help cope with the emotional pains associated with the loss of a loved one. Her understanding about karmic lessons and spiritual forces made her into a powerful life coach and Sylvie’s clients keep coming back to benefit from her entertaining and amazingly accurate sessions.

Sylvie Steinbach is an established celebrity intuitive with a private practice in Los Angeles for more than 15 years. Although many famous L.A. and N.Y. entertainers have benefited from her guidance over the years, her clients come from all walks of life and many get phone readings from as far away as Australia or Italy. Sylvie released in 2007 the first manual in English on the Lenormand oracle, titled “Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle”, a controversial best-seller on category. She also appeared twice this year as a guest on the show “intuitive perspectives” hosted by Michael Dunlap ( and amazed listeners, by doing live readings on the air to stunned callers! From actual clients after their readings in 2009:

D. L. Sydney Australia “Hello Sylvie, You may remember me you did a telephone reading for me a few months back. So far your accuracy has been 100%.” B. G. Amsterdam “Dear Sylvie, I heard from G. about your reading. He was very much impressed and advised me to ask you for a reading for myself.” P. S. New York “Hi and thanks for your last answers they appeared so insightful that I wanted further clarification about other matters.” T. B. Los Angeles “Hi Sylvie, It was great to meet you yesterday at the Mystic Journey Bookstore! You are a very gifted reader/psychic” J. C. Los Angeles “Thank you Sylvie for our reading today- it was most elucidative and helpful to me. I am going to write about you in my blog! I look forward to our next session”.

Born in France from an established lineage of Freemasons and gifted psychics, Sylvie inherited the gift to ‘see’ future events and invisible forces. She started her esoteric studies at the age of 11 and learned Astrology with the Rosicrucians, a turning point in her psychic life as she discovered she could see karmic patterns in natal charts, allowing her to access to information pertinent to past lives, life purpose and the soul’s journey. She went on to host a radio show on karmic Astrology in France. She is today an international intuitive and life coach, a worldwide karmic astrologer and Lenormand expert who travels the globe teaching and sharing her knowledge. AT MYSTIC JOURNEY, MONDAYS FROM 4 PM TO 8 PM, and THURSDAYS AND SUNDAYS 4:15-8 ONLY…



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