Sameer Reddy

Tarot & Aura & Chakra Clearing / Intuitive Reading/Spiritual Coaching Readings

Monday 11-3:30pm/ Wednesday 11-3:45pm


Sameer’s interest in the metaphysical world began in childhood, after a vision of light radiating from his hands. As a teenager, he began working with divination tools such as the I Ching and the Runes, studying meditation and practicing Tai Chi. His spiritual practice deepened when, after a prolonged illness with seemingly no hope for resolution, his condition completely resolved through self-healing with Reiki Tummo. A columnist for Newsweek and contributor to the NY Times and WSJ, Sameer chose to leave his career as a journalist behind and to open the Transformance Center in Manhattan, with the wish to catalyze similar transformations for others. He has developed a unique approach to self-development, the Transformance method, which makes use of multiple modalities, including Intuitive Encounter Tarot, Energetic Clearing and Crystal Gridding to empower clients to manifest their wishes.

In Intuitive Encounter sessions, instead of passively receiving information, you actively integrate the Tarot’s guidance into your life, helping you to make better decisions that reflect your deepest wishes. Sessions make use of a variety of spreads and can go deep into the heart of the situations you are facing, using the light of Higher wisdom to find the best way forward. If you are struggling with challenges or wish to travel farther along your path, Sameer offers ongoing Intuitive Encounter and Energy Clearing programs, customized to your individual needs, which can transform your experience of life. If you’d like more information, please request a free phone consultation.

Sameer’s clients include notable names from the worlds of art, film and fashion, and he has received in-depth press attention from publications such as W magazine, Vogue, Artforum and the Tribeca Citizen. He has conducted divination and healing workshops for institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Manhattan’s New Museum and the Los Angeles Art Book Fair. Since arriving in Los Angeles from New York, he has opened a healing studio for private clients in Laurel Canyon, and begun hosting guided meditation and group healing workshops. For client testimonials please visit


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