Rachel Boulouys

Oracle Cards/Angel Card Reader/Past Life Regression/Clairvoyance/ Aura & Chakra Clearing / Hypnosis / Past Life Regression / Intuitive Reading/Off-Site Clearing

Thursday 11:00am – 3:45pm / Saturday 11:00am – 3:45pm

Rachel Boulouys is a world-wide Spiritual Teacher, an established Angel Card Reader, Atlantean Healing Master, Certified Hypnotherapist and a Goddess Empowerment Guide.

Rachel is known for her uplifting and loving energy and adept skill in quickly empowering her clients by channeling guidance from the angels and ascended masters into their life. She has dedicated her life to deliver messages of hope to help people reconnect to their true beautiful nature, realize their potential, love themselves unconditionally and live as the powerful beings that they intrinsically are.<Br

Rachel has been traveling the world the last decade to empower women through her Goddess Retreats and spiritual teachings. Her passion and mission is to inspire and support women to stand in their power, balance their inner female and male energy and remind them that they have enormous untapped, spiritual and psychic abilities.

Rachel is originally a certified teacher of the Diana Cooper School in UK and a master teacher and healer of the Atlantean Healing™ modality channeled by her dear friend Birkan Tore. She loves teaching the ancient knowledge from the healing temples and guides her students to apply these healing modalities in their daily lives.

Rachel works with clients from all over the world and her readings and classes are available in French, Dutch and English. Rachel is originally from South of France and brings the Mediterranean warmth into her work.


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