Channeling & Mediumship / Tarot / Past-Life Work / Palmistry / Intuitive Reading

Wednesday 12-9pm / Sunday 5-9pm

Channel/Tarot/Palmistry/Family Constellations

Nita is a powerful medium; communicating to cosmic beings since early childhood. Growing her
intuitive muscles from past lives, present life experiences, and her training’s. Nita attest she has
been waiting for the mothership to pick her back up her whole life. Her constant companions are
wonderful cosmic beings she is in communication with! Nita only works with love and light! Her
specialty is to work with Star Seeds, helping them with their life purpose and healing.

“When we serve our purpose, we serve many other’s purposes” by Nita.

Nita holds loving space in her readings for profound healing and shifts. She uses tarot
cards, palmistry and channels people, places and situations to bring forth the most
objective and accurate information. Many clients feel uplifted after readings!

Nita trained in Family Constellation’s, which is founded on psychotherapy principles with
spiritual twists! Nita will do Family Constellation work with anyone seeking deep healing
around reoccurring negative family entanglements plaguing them. Her natural intuitive
abilities have an uncanny way of seeing hidden dynamics/family secrets, and assisting
the gentle releases to happen so you can begin living through your full potential. Clients
leave feeling empowered, and go on to actualize their dreams! Living through freedom
an self-love instead of fear, which transcends their professional and personal lives!

“Love is our natural state of being”, by Nita

Nita firmly believes in non-judgement. We don’t know another’s path and purpose and
their contract with spirit, for their soul’s evolution. Focus on self and stay out of self-
judgment and others. Have courage to look at oneself. Take the lessons for they can
create great inner wealth which can attract many desirable riches into our lives!

Super Lights – Channeled Audiobook Here why the ascended masters children are here!

Sound Healing Oracle Deck – Heal through Planets and their vibrations

“Nita held unbelievable space, I felt like I was held in a bubble of love. She helped me with some well seeded stories and wounds I had been carrying for years! I knew I needed help and I got it! She used the Family Constellation work along with all her other gifts. The work is so simple but the strength of it carried me to heal many hurt parts. I felt the shifts for weeks. POWERFUL beyond Words! I feel lighter and so hopeful when I felt so lost! She is really good for the heart and spirit, her accuracy is eerie, too! I recommended her to all my friends, who reported similar healing experiences!”
A.M. Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to 12 Sound Healing Oracle Cards

This is a very unique Oracle Deck incorporated with Sound Healing. The deck is based on 12 planets Nita has visited on her Soul’s journey and is connected to. Each planet has a distinctive sound, vibration, symbol and colour associated with them. Collectively, the planets are known as Basuyah (Bah-su-a). The deck has a bonus card known as The Black Hole. Also, included in the deck is a map of the planets and guidebook.


12-Sound Healing Oracle Cards

Super Lights

The Super Lights are magical beings that the Author, Nitakumari, has been connected to for 10 years. Nita channeled this Audio-book in one synchronistic breathe with Spirit and the Super Lights. The book is a gift from Spirit and messages of beautiful beings coming to visit us and raise the cosmic consciousness. The beings you will meet through this Audio-book is Spirit’s gift to humanity and a real chance for each one of us to find love for one another.


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