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Originally from Nova Scotia, Michael grew up immersed in the Celtic culture and traditions. The Celts have a reverence for prophecy and a deep connection to the natural world. The Scot and Irish legends are filled with “seers” and “oracles”, who use their knowledge and precognitive ability to give insight, and predict future events. Michael carries on this proud tradition.

Michael’s mother exhibited these gifts, but in the culture he grew up in it was considered “normal”. To this day, Michael still doesn’t consider his abilities to be out of the ordinary, although many of his clients and friends would disagree.

The Celtic people are deeply connected to the seasons, and this connection to time and the rhythms of life have enabled Michael to establish a reputation for uncanny accuracy in timing future events.

Through a friend, Michael was introduced to Hermetic Qabalah (basis for Hebrew Kabbalah) and the Tarot. Noticing the familiarity to the Celtic philosophy of life, both being derived from a deep study of nature, he became immersed in this tradition. His life work with this mystical path and tool have gained him world wide recognition.

“Tarot is one of the most amazing tools for divination. It has the ability to accurately predict events, as well as give meaningful insight into any situation. But its beauty is its ability to illustrate and teach the profound understanding of life embodied in the spiritual philosophy of Qabalah. Tarot is Qabalah, but too many readers never take the time to study this amazing path, preferring to rely only on a superficial understanding of the cards. Sadly, they miss out on so much of what the Tarot has to offer.”

Michael has been working professionally with the Tarot for over 20 years. Together with his wife Krista Schwimmer, they have shared their inspirational readings and knowledge of tarot with people from every walk of life, from the rich and famous to the friend next door. Michael strongly believes that the beauty and widsom of the Tarot and Qabalah should be widely shared with all who seek it.

In addition to readings, Michael and Krista have appeared in numerous media events and have been consulted for their expertise by many different groups and organizations. They have worked for, lectured, or been consultant to, Disney, Paramount and other media and corporate companies. They are currently working on a book, sharing their unique interpretation of Tarot, as well as teaching select students.

Michael is also a Freemason, having been elected to serve as Master of Sunset Lodge #369 for their Centennial in 2005. He is also a 32nd degree Mason (Scottish Rite) and a member of the Royal Arch. He and Krista currently reside in Venice with their pet crow Lily and their dove Clare.

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