Krista Schwimmer

Tarot / Kabbalistic Tarot / Palmistry / Animal Totems / Intuitive Reading

Monday 11-4pm/ Friday 11-5:30pm/ Saturday 4:15-11pm/ Sunday 12-6pm

For over 19 years, Krista has been giving professional readings. Poet & vivid dreamer since childhood, she is highly intuitive. Krista is known for her deep insight, soothing presence, & uncanny predictions. She is part of a worldwide lineage of women resurrecting the ancient oracle traditions.

At 17, Krista began her metaphysical studies when her brother, David, was lost at sea during a kayaking program. Searching for answers & healing, she met the Reiki Masters Virginia Samdahl (1 of the 22 original students of Hawayo Takato who spread Reiki in the West) & David Jarrell. Krista received the first 2 degrees of the Usui style Reiki from them.

In 1983, while pursing her B.A. in writing & music at NYU, she met the Venerable Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, a well-loved Tibetan Buddhist master & Abbott at KTD Monastery in Woodstock, NY. Over the next 10 years, Krista studied with many Karma Kagyu masters, learning through meditation, vajrayana practices, & direct teachings. She served as coordinator to one of the centers where she taught shamatha meditation. She is also a practitioner of the Long Form of the Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan & Tai Chi Knife, as taught by Tim O’Connor, a 4th generation instructor from the Yang Ch’eng Fu lineage.

In her early 30’s, Krista met the wise woman, Old Crow, who taught her through mask making, dreaming, & animal totems. She moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, where she studied & practiced a magical celtic tradition. While there, she met her husband, Michael Wamback, who introduced her to the tarot. Together, they developed a unique system of the tarot that is based on the Kabbalastic Tree of life. This system brings a greater accuracy to prediction, as well as a deeper understanding to life.

In 1997, Krista and Michael drove out to California for personal and professional reasons. Within a year, they helped establish the psychic reading program at the famous Bodhi Tree Bookstore. Until the store closed in 2011, Krista was not only a popular reader there, but also the manager of the psychic readers.

Krista’s clients come from all walks of life. She has appeared on international TV as an expert; hosted the popular, Nova Scotian, pagan radio show, “The Witching Hour;” and lectured for diverse audiences, including the Los Angeles Opera Company. Krista is a writer whose articles, book reviews, and poetry have appeared in the Poughkeepsie Newspaper, Densal Magazine, Witches and Pagans Magazine, and the Free Venice Beachhead. She resides in Venice with her husband, Michael Wamback, and her four birds.

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