Josh Siegel

Revolutionary Numerology

Monday 1:15-8pm/ Tuesday 4:30-9pm/ Sunday 11-3:45pm

*Highly Accurate    *Internationally Recognized Expert   *20 years Experience   *Compassionate and insightful   *Predictive Past/ Present/ Future   *Career Path   *Relationship   *Life Purpose

“The events in your life and the people you meet are not an accident. I can reveal to you the hidden purpose behind what you attract so you can make the right decisions to move forward.” Josh Siegel

For more than 20 years, Josh Siegel has helped thousands of people transform their lives with his breakthrough system of Numerology. Within minutes, Josh can penetrate core issues and give instant clarity to your questions.

His proven system can help you to understand seemingly random events in your life and empower you to change counter-productive patterns to welcome happiness and prosperity.

Life altering and at the same time, engaging and entertaining, a personal session with Josh is an exciting journey into the greatest adventure of all – your individual life path.

Featured in History Channel’s hit series, “Decoded”, Josh is also an expert for the Los Angeles Times, CBS News, Fox News and ABC’s Worldwide News. He appears in the special features of Jim Carrey’s #1 best selling DVD, “The Number 23”and has completed television pilots for USA Network and Fox Studios. He is currently working on a new book, “The Josh Code” to enlighten people across the globe.


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