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Monday 4:30-9pm/ Thursday 11-4pm

Aurana was told that she had a gift to see beyond what the eyes can see, when she was ten years old, by her Cherokee Indian Great Aunt. Growing up and seeing things clearly in the lives of others felt scary at first. She did her best to ignore her gift yet, many years later as an adult, signs showed that she had to accept it and use it to help others. Five years ago, Aurana began offering readings with astonishing accuracy.
Sometimes people want to hear certain things, but Aurana has the utmost integrity in just conveying what she hears or sees without trying to appease anyone. Her clients have experienced major breakthroughs and felt relieved by a knowing of the truth. Aurana sees the gift of messenger as one to cherish respectfully. She is overjoyed when her clients lives are enhanced and improved and she sees this, as the reason for giving readings.

Insights on Aurana’s readings:
1. The guides are non-judgemental…the angels just convey “what is”.
2. The angel guides have never indicated a specific time, as if they don’t see time. (Aurana gets strong vibrations when things are soon and a remote sensation when something is further away to come.)
3. When the deceased speak, they convey and appear just like those who are alive.
4. The angel guides don’t use human terms like congenital heart disease or addiction.
For example, it’s more like, they tell her this person should exercise for their heart or this person drinks so much that it’s not good for them.

Ms. Aurana has been my personal reader for nearly 5 years now. Each time I’ve ever felt lost in life or confused about a certain person or event, her readings have always led me down the right path. To top it off, Aurana is kind and personable as well! She immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Her readings have helped me through relationships, finance, health , etc…A session with Aurana is like having your own personal angel by your side.

— Jennifer W.

She told me what my soul was too afraid to say. I became free after her readings, because hearing the truth that I had tried to hide for years, out loud,
allowed me to live and speak and my truth. I am eternally grateful. Changed my life. Got past a block that would have kept me in emotional prison. Joy!

— Diana P.

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