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Your Past Lives & You Series: Your Flashpoint Lifetimes
Facilitator: Selacia
Category: Spiritual Teaching & Guidance; 
Date and Time: May 20, 2017 (7:00PM)
Location: Mystic Journey Bookstore
Your Past Lives & You Series: Your Flashpoint Lifetimes

Did you know you had key flashpoint lifetimes that set the stage for your enlightenment this life? Selacia will help you connect the dots between these unique past lives and your soul purpose now.

Just as humanity has flash points of awakening, you as a being experience unique moments over time that set the stage for your soul’s progress. These involve key past lives you experienced throughout the centuries leading to now. During a flashpoint lifetime, you experience conditions permitting sudden acceleration.

Examples could include past lives especially relevant to this current life when (1) you mastered a talent that would be a pivotal piece of your soul’s expression (2) you met a key person(s) who over the centuries you would bond with in other lives, that person being a vital element of your success this life (3) you played a key role during times of great civilizations like Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria, planting seeds for what you will experience now (4) you lived through a cataclysm and discovered keys for survival in shifting realities (5) you witnessed or personally experienced things abhorrent to your soul, making vows or agreements about what you would do if ever faced with similar circumstances again (6) you had an experience with extraterrestrials or other advanced beings who understood the nature of energy, time, and life that exists on other worlds.

Renowned DNA intuitive healer and author Selacia will guide you in connecting with your flashpoint lifetimes instrumental to now. These lifetimes will come alive in your energy field, giving you an ability to greatly accelerate your progress and better understand why you are here in these pivotal moments.

Whatever your flashpoint lifetimes are, there is a divine purpose for having more awareness of them now. We live during a unique moment on this planet, and much is at stake as we sit on the edge of accelerating changes. The key thing to keep in mind is that we as individuals and as a collective are at choice.

There’s no accident that those of us seeing ourselves as divine changemakers are here now. That is purposeful and a divine orchestration. You likely already sense this. However, in this experiential evening of sacred sound and time bridging, you can have a more expanded and tangible knowing of your soul’s flashpoint lifetimes that led to the present.

You may already have a sense of some past lives, or even understand some patterns in your DNA akashic records. This workshop, however, can open you to a broader and more tangible understanding. With new perspectives and validations of what you already sense, you can be energized in significant ways.
Your whole life can change, in fact, when you tangibly connect with DNA imprints from past lives and a knowing of how they impact you now.

In this experiential and fun workshop with sacred sound and time bridging, Selacia will activate your ability to connect more tangibly with pivotal points in your soul’s journey over time.

Gain fresh insights into people and life events – helping you to make the most of opportunities and to find a new passion for being alive now. Understand your long history with key people and what bonds you with them again now. Come away from this fun and uplifting evening with a new sense of why your life has unfolded like it has.

Learn from Selacia’s wisdom about past lives, DNA, and your path as a divine changemaker. As you expand your vision to embrace this larger picture, benefit from potent experiential processes that open your intuition and inner knowing. Experience powerful spiritual openings facilitated by Selacia’s spirit guides, The Council of 12, helping you to bring past life connections into the present. As you begin to access this vast akashic record of past life influences stored in your DNA, a brighter present and future can begin to manifest.

Enjoy Selacia’s guided meditative processes, designed to bring forward past life connections with specific people and places. Know beyond a doubt that you are alive now to be at the forefront of humanity creating a more loving world. Understand how you can move more fully into that role – as a divine changemaker – with each relationship, self-growth experience, and life activity.

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Selacia is an internationally known DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, author, astrologer, and creator of The Divine Changemakers. In her global work as a DNA intuitive healer, she helps people from all walks of life to move into more empowerment and wholeness. During private healing sessions, she identifies and clears blocks within the akashic records of your DNA. These blocks can relate to things like love, relationship harmony, expression of soul purpose, and intuitive gifts. As part of healing sessions, Selacia psychically sees past life information within the DNA field, pinpointing the root causes of unhappiness and disempowerment. She then is able to clear past patterns from the DNA, healing issues across time, changing the person’s present and future. She is able to connect you more tangibly with key experiences you as a soul had during key lifetimes on Earth. Selacia also works with animals, providing pet healing and communication with animals (both alive and on the other side). For more about these themes, visit www.Selacia.com and read her book “Earth’s Pivotal Years: A Direct Path to Enlightened Living,” and “2017 Predictions” at http://Selacia.com/predictions. Also, see Selacia’s MJB blog entries about akashic records in your DNA, past life seeds, fulfilling your true potential, soul agreements, soulmates and destiny!

Bring a journal & pen!
7-9pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)