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Your Past Lives & You Series: Ancient Mysteries - EGYPT
Facilitator: Selacia
Category: Transformational Tools; 
Date and Time: February 18, 2017 (7:00PM)
Location: Mystic Journey Bookstore
Your Past Lives & You Series: Ancient Mysteries - EGYPT

Ancient Egypt will come alive at this unique past life workshop with Selacia. Discover your personal past life connections to Egypt and ancient mysteries involving healing and the afterlife.

If you lived in ancient Egypt, your wisdom from mystery schools remains a part of your DNA. Whatever gifts and abilities you developed then is recorded in your DNA. Memories of other star systems are also in your DNA. Example: the Egyptians had connections to the Pleiades and other key star systems.

Becoming more aware of your past with Egyptian mystery schools can be a significant doorway to your spiritual progress, success, and joy this life. Egyptians studied the stars, healing arts, sound, and the progress of the soul. They worked with crystals, essential oils, astrology, dreams, and esoteric symbols. They understood the power of pyramids. Since many ancient Egyptians came from Atlantis, they carried knowledge of that civilization.

In this experiential and fun workshop with sacred sound and time bridging, Selacia will activate your ability to connect more tangibly with your past life experiences in Egypt. Some may be quite relevant to your life today. Example: key people you studied with in an ancient mystery school could indeed be in your life now – or they will be appearing soon. No accident! Most likely you are catalysts for each other this life – assisting one another in key ways. Also: your current interest in crystals or other healing therapies could be traced back to ancient Egypt.

This workshop is for you if you have ever asked yourself questions like: “Why do I resonate so strongly with Egypt?” and “Why am I fascinated by pyramids?” and “Why am I attracted to the Pleiades or other star systems?” and “What ancient mystery teachings did I master, yet now cannot remember studying them?” and “What is my connection with ancient teachings in Atlantis?” and “Why do I feel a déjà vu when I visit power places with pyramids?” and “What from my ancient mystery school initiations and trainings can I bring into the now to help me be a more powerful force of positive changes?”

Attend this workshop for answers to these and other questions. Don’t be surprised if someone at the workshop was in one of your ancient Egypt lifetimes!

Gain fresh insights into people and life events – helping you to make the most of opportunities and to find a new passion for being alive now. Understand your long history with key people and what bonds you with them again now. Come away from this fun and uplifting evening with a new sense of why your life has unfolded like it has.

Learn from Selacia’s wisdom about past lives, DNA, and your path as a divine changemaker. As you expand your vision to embrace this larger picture, benefit from potent experiential processes that open your intuition and inner knowing. Experience powerful spiritual openings facilitated by Selacia’s spirit guides, The Council of 12, helping you to bring past life connections into the present. As you begin to access this vast akashic record of past life influences stored in your DNA, a brighter present and future can begin to manifest.

Enjoy Selacia’s guided meditative processes with sacred sound and time bridging – designed to bring forward past life connections with specific people and places. Know beyond a doubt that you are alive now to be at the forefront of humanity creating a more loving world. Understand how you can move more fully into that role – as a divine changemaker – with each relationship, self-growth experience, and life activity.

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Selacia is an internationally known DNA intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, author, astrologer, and creator of The Divine Changemakers. In her global work as a DNA intuitive healer, she helps people from all walks of life to move into more empowerment and wholeness. During private healing sessions, she identifies DNA-level blocks that prevent people from having joy, love, and a fulfilling life. These blocks can relate to things like love, relationship harmony, expression of soul purpose, and intuitive gifts. As part of healing sessions, Selacia psychically sees past life information within the DNA field, pinpointing the root causes of unhappiness and disempowerment. She then is able to clear past patterns from the DNA, healing issues across time, changing the person’s present and future. She is able to connect you more tangibly with key experiences you as a soul had during key lifetimes on Earth. Selacia also works with animals, providing pet healing and communication with animals (both alive and on the other side). For more about these themes, visit www.Selacia.com and read her book “Earth’s Pivotal Years: A Direct Path to Enlightened Living.” Also, see Selacia’s MJB blog entries about past life seeds, fulfilling your true potential, soul agreements, soulmates and destiny!

Bring a journal & pen!

7-9 pm (please arrive 15 minutes early)

$45 (Click Here to Purchase)