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The Miracle Choice Game Launch
Facilitator: James Kelly
Category: Product Demo; 
Date and Time: April 22, 2017 (2:00PM)
Location: Mystic Journey Bookstore
The Miracle Choice Game Launch

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A big decision often seems daunting.
What happens if you get it wrong?
But what are the big choices?
It seems the decisions you make about relationships, career, money or your body are the most important ones.
But are they?

james kelly book 3What you think and what you feel are the big decisions you’re facing right now.
You thoughts determine how you experience your life.
Your feelings are a choice, but you don’t really see them like that.

In this launch event you will have a chance to play the Miracle Choice Pocket Edition and perhaps let go of a choice that is not in alignment with your true self. If you have any limiting, small, fearful or confusing thoughts about who you are or how you see others, then you will have an opportunity to transform them. You will find yourself choosing miracles no matter what situation you bring to the game.

The Miracle Choice game allows you to see the miracle choice you have in every moment. The Pocket Edition, based on the original board game, is a set of 70 cards and a dice, and takes less that 30 minutes to play. 10 of the cards are quotations from A Course in Miracles.

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James Kelly is the inventor of the Miracle Choice board game and Pocket Edition. He was inspired to create games because they allow players to learn though experience rather than trying to understand or solve their issues. He believes that the role of the dice and seeming random choice of a card allow something magical to happen.
James fell in love with the learning that happens in groups when he lived and worked at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland in the late 90s. He then became a trainer in Non-violent Communication before it became clear that his focus was to study A Course in Miracles. The teaching of a Course in Miracles on the topic of choice is the inspiration for the Miracle Choice games.

James lives in Scotland and is visiting LA in April. To find out more go to www.miraclechoicegame.com the game YouTube channel or FaceBook page.

2:00 – 4:00pm