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Invoke the Golden Goddess with Sexy Money Goddess Lakshmi
Facilitator: Amanda Young
Category: Discussion Groups; 
Date and Time: March 21, 2017 (6:30PM)
Location: Mystic Journey Bookstore
Invoke the Golden Goddess with Sexy Money Goddess Lakshmi

Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is really ultimately the Golden Goddess of Sex and Money.

How connected are you to your ability to receive in both areas?

Tapping in to Lakshmi helps us to tune into the material universe which we experience through our senses, and she opens up our ability to receive in a big way. She helps us to drop down into our pelvis, and awaken our magnetic sensual receiving center.

Call on Lakshmi to:

  • Own Your Value and Receive Your worth
  • Allow yourself to be pampered and to receive without guilt
  • Attract abundance in it’s many forms
  • Be comfortable with wealth
  • Harmonize your spiritual nature with your material human desires
  • Experience more pleasure
  • Feel more comfortable with your sensual and sexual energy
  • Feel at home in your body
  • Radiate your beauty with confidence
Join us for a Life changing Night!

In this evening workshop we will learn more about how to open our channels for receiving and invoke the presence of Lakshmi through visualization, breathwork, and stimulating conversation.

As women we are naturally built as receivers, but far too many of us have disconnected to our authentic feminine nature, getting stuck on output, and forgetting how to take back in to refill our tank. Allow Lakshmi to guide you back into your natural receptivity.

March 21st, 6:30-8:30pm

$15 pre-registration, $20 at the door

If you are unable to attend but would like to learn more about our programs, please contact caroline@urbangoddessretreats.com to schedule a private 30 minute consultation with founder Amanda Young
When you join this group, you’re in for a life-changing experience. From the first time I went to the meeting to this day, my life has changed so much in wonderful, even magical, ways. I can´t say enough how much I enjoy being part of the Urban Goddess circle and how happy I am to have found the women I met there. The ladies are amazing and Amanda guides us with much grace and wisdom. I definitely recommend this group.” – Simone

Amanda has been changing lives, and challenging the status quo with her company Urban Goddess for over 10 years. She started out as a nutritionist who couldn’t accept simply revolutionizing her clients diets, but got excited by revolutionizing their whole lives.

In 2006 she led her first Urban Goddess Workshop in New York where she recognized her true life passion; to bring women together and help liberate their inner Goddess. Amanda has led Goddess workshops and retreats which have explored ancient Goddess archetypes and mythologies and how they apply to the modern woman in locations such as Costa Rica, Big Sur, Malibu, and her home town of New York City.

In it’s most recent incarnation, Urban Goddes has created a course and community in New York City and Los Angeles for conscious women that directs them in the cultivation of a feminine based spiritual practice. Calling on Goddess Archetypes, ancient and esoteric knowledge which has been translated into easy and accessible contemporary concepts, and embodiment practices, Urban Goddess leads women on a journey deep into her body and soul; into a rich experience of life that allows a woman to experience herself as sensual, desirable, lovable, loving, radiantly alive, and powerful in a way that redefines how we think about power.

There are 3 primary forms of feminine power, and all 3 need to be accessed and balanced for a woman to be reaching her highest potential for fulfillment in love, work, and life at large. Most likely you are only accessing 1 or 2 and are not living this power in an embodied way. (True feminine power is something that ripples and radiates through a woman’s entire being)Women have described the experience of discovering the 3 powers as like having an out of body experience, and the recognition of something they have known their whole life, but been denied permission to access, or even admit consciously.This is life altering information that rings true for women deep in their core!

Amanda is also the creator of Urban Goddess Chocolate, as a companion product to her vision for women. The chocolate represents Amanda’s strong belief that transformation can be fun, sensual and PLEASURABLE. Plus it’s organic, vegan, gluten free, and raw!