About Mystic Journey Bookstore

Our mission is simple: To spread light and love; to enlighten and enliven; to intrigue and inspire. We open our doors with the desire and intent to become a portal, a passageway to exploration, to delving into new depths, to reaching to new heights.

We believe the time is ripe, even perfect, to manifest a vision which has been held for some time; a vision of a community center, a gathering spot, a way station where our neighbors, and our visitors, can find a place of wisdom, a place of expansion, a place of peace, to spend a few minutes, or a few hours, to rejuvenate, to contemplate, to grow and expand.

Our goal is to be of service to our customers, to our local community, and to our city. We want, and expect to be that place, that wonderful location, that people think of when they have a need for a spiritual book, a spiritual product, or spiritual guidance. It is our dream to be that one-stop shop that immediately, instantly comes to people’s minds when they think of something, anything of a spiritual nature.

As time goes on, we hope to become a leader in our community, offering guided trips to spiritual locations throughout the world, offering seminars and lectures from leading spiritual authors and educators, offering an outlet for spiritual artists and innovators a place to show and promote their gifts.

In sum, our mission is to create a space where one can enter to experience peace and joy, moments of solitude, and leave with gifts that can help bring wisdom, expansion, and abundance.